The Origins of the Riot Grrrl Ethos

Zine #003 in the Making

 I'm busy, busy, busy, making #003 of Marina is Red Riot Grrrl and Punk zine!

I've decided this time to step away somewhat from the computer and follow the original zine making methods with a more hands on approach.  In other words I'm getting my hands dirty.

I have already had many submissions, but as always, feel free to email me on and I will consider all submissions for publication.  EPKs, New Releases, Band Bios, Poetry, Art, Fan Art, Articles, Reviews, ... in other words anything with a punk, metal or riot grrrl edge to it.

I have been doing some live streams on my personal Facebook page, to show you the work in progress as it is happening... but I will be transferring these to my main page Marina is Red - Riot Grrrl and Punk Zine, so make sure you click the link, like the page and turn on notifications, so you will know when I go live!  

There is lots and lots of amazing stuff that I can't wait to share with you and I hope you like my new style of zine making.  Without giving too much away...... here's what you can expect...

Interviews with some very cool musicians, including Princess Maha from The Kut, The bands on Fight Like a Girl (FLAG) booking agency in Germany, El Cassette and more

Live Stream Gig Reviews of Modern Literature (DIE DAS DER, Yr (not) Welcome Gig) and The Empty Page.

New Releases from - Fauxchisels, Riviera Kid, Riot Spears, Felicia, The Dying Lights, and more

Album Reviews : Lavendar Witch, Bynary, The Sewer Cats, Burning Flag, 

Poetry from Jamie Caravan

Awesome announcement from Majenta Dance, Renowned Belly Dancer

Book releases:  Bugger Banksy by Roy Hacksaw

Plus loads more stuff.... I'm not sure how many pages this is going to be yet as I am receiving submissions as I write here!!