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4 Cities Young Professionals Should Move To

Some words of advice for our young readers in the states. 

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Starting your career out as a young professional can be an extremely scary prospect. You don’t have all the experience and connections you need quite yet, meaning that you may lack some vital information. However, one way to build yourself and your career up is moving to a growing city that caters to young professionals. A quality city for young professionals should allow you to flourish both personally and professionally and provide you with all the necessary resources needed to succeed. So what cities are the best to launch your career in? Here are four cities young professionals should move to. 

Washington D.C

One area that you might not expect to be fantastic for young professionals is Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital is often thought of as a place for career politicians and long-time professionals, but it has lots to offer young people. There are plenty of political jobs available for young professionals in D.C, and the industry isn’t as susceptible to shocks and changes as other industries are. In addition, there are plenty of other industries that have a presence in D.C, meaning there are lots of job opportunities for you to enjoy. D.C is also the perfect place for young professionals and activists to get involved in the projects they love, as there are plenty of ways young people can join movements and make a difference while they live in the nation’s capital. If you want a fantastic location to start a career in, then you definitely should consider looking for Washington D.C houses for sale.


When discussing great cities for young professionals, Austin absolutely has to be a city at the top of the list. First, Austin enjoys the wonderful Texas climate, meaning you get to relish in the warm summers and relatively mild winters. The Austin economy is also booming, as many major tech companies call Austin home. As a result, not only does Austin have an abundance of jobs for young professionals, the jobs also pay very well and offer plenty of opportunity for growth.  However, unlike other major cities like Los Angeles and New York that have high costs of living, Austin’s living expenses are relatively cheap. Texas also has no state income tax, something that is a major benefit for young professionals. If you’re a young professional looking for a great city to launch your career from, then you can’t go wrong with Austin.


Another fantastic destination for young professionals to start their careers is Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix enjoys an absolutely amazing climate, as the city is warm and sunny practically all year round. Phoenix also has bursting social scenes, resulting in a vibrant nightlife and a great appreciation of the arts. All of these factors make the city a haven for young people seeking to find themselves. However, for as great as the city is for personal growth, it is equally great for professional growth. The city's large influx of people has attracted many established businesses and startups, meaning there are plenty of jobs in the area. To top it all off, Phoenix doesn’t have an expensive cost of living and is actually quite affordable. Young professionals should strongly consider relocating to Phoenix, which could actually be a huge boost to your career. 


When it comes to rapidly growing cities, Atlanta is near the top of the list. After several decades of population decline, Atlanta has had a recent population surge, growing by almost a million residents in recent years. Many improvements have been made to the city to make it more liveable, and people have responded in droves. Industries have taken notice as well, as many big companies and corporations call Atlanta home. On top of it all, Atlanta is becoming a major cultural area as well, producing several talents that go on to make an impact in areas like the hip-hop and entertainment industries. If you want to move to a city on the rise and build your career along with it, then Atlanta should be one of your top choices.