The Origins of the Riot Grrrl Ethos

Top Tracks: SEVER - Screaming Toenails (HHNF Records)

SCREAMING TOENAIL 'Sever' (Hell Hath No Fury Records)
by Andy Wired

It's the first time I've come across this intriguing bunch. There's a lot of buzz surrounding their upcoming debut album, and if this slice of brooding punk is anything to go by, I can see why!

Chiming, almost gothic guitars, a scratchy meandering undercurrent and a spiralling bass rhythm that is both relentless and steady.

The vocals are heartfelt and defiant, but never hysterical. This is very good indeed. It spins a web and draws you in; I succumbed willingly.

Check it out!!

About Andy Wired

Hi... I'm Andy Wired.  I used to run Totally Wired fanzine which lasted 12 years and 28 issues. Also had my own label Rebellious Jukebox Records which put out freebies with the zine. Also used to put gigs on in Norwich, worked on Front Line Radio and also have a website that's in bad need of an update, buying and selling used alternative/underground vinyl.