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Podcast Episode 1 & Video Premiere: Modern Literature's Weeping Willow

Very excited to say that not only am I launching my 'Marina is Red' podcast, but alongside it, I am premiering the new video for Modern Literature's Weeping Willow.

Modern Literature are a band from Birmingham on the Die Das Der label.  Their EP, Nordic Fiction, is available as a download and on vinyl from their Bandcamp page.  The track Weeping Willow, which is only available to view here for an exclusive time period, is a song about Toxic Masculinity.  The video features many talented women from the local area. 

Greg and Skip from Modern Literature
Photo by Jessie Rosee @jesssierosee

"The song is basically a comment on the danger of learned or generational behaviors which are instilled into the human psyche such as the trope of male of entitlement and female subservience, and the fact that actually, the strongest influences in the lives of most men are actually matriarchal and not patriarchal, and is intended to question and denounce the assumption of male superiority. Another theme is the futility of endeavors expected of the individual in society and the fact that these will not actually affect the two only certainties (birth and death) of life. This is intended as a comment upon the greed of ambition and it’s leading to a lack of lasting fulfillment. We worked with Thomas Wagstaff on the video and decided that although the song is sung in a male baritone, the song is performed (in as much as it can be) from a female perspective. The motivation of the video was to show a collection of strong females portraying the lyric in any way they felt comfortable."

Here's the Podcast!!

And check out their video for Weeping Willow.