The Origins of the Riot Grrrl Ethos

Top Tracks: Stay Alive - Ava Adore

For fans of stoner rock.  This band capture the sounds and melodies of bands like Alice in Chains, Queen's of the Stone Age and the Foo Fighters with female front vocals by Paola Bailey.  The four-piece from Barcelona in Spain have been inspired by the 1990's Seattle scene and Sky Valley scene.

They formed back in 2014 and have been very much involved in Barcelona's underground network of bands.  They have also toured extensively throughout Spain and other countries in Europe: Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

I absolutely love this track and I have their EP on my Bandcamp wishlist for the next commission-free Friday on the 6th June.  

They're currently working on their 4th studio album.  Their EPs named I, II and III are all available on Bandcamp.

They are: 
Paola Bailey - Vocals
Marc Carrey - Guitars, Background Singer
Mario Rebollo - Bass
Stefan Häublein - Drums

Here's Stay Alive:

For more info on the group.  Check out the following links.

VIDEOS Ava Adore ‘Magical Souls’ (Official Video) | EP ‘III’ Ava Adore ‘Stay Alive’ (Official Video) | EP ‘III’ Ava Adore ‘Turning Black’ | Live @ Harley Days Festival Barcelona 2015