The Origins of the Riot Grrrl Ethos

Top Tracks: Riviera Kid - Stay Positive EP

Today's Top Tracks comes from Riviera Kid.

Released today to coincide with Mental Health awareness week.  On our Facebook group, John Huffman told us 

"The new EP is chockablock with love for our sisters, brothers, and others who battle with mental health issues daily."

Effy starts with a very personal spoken confession of self-loathing and how it's hard to tell others why you feel that way.  And track 2 is aptly named Sertraline..... If you know, you know.  

Good luck with the new release!!

Anyway, give it a whirl!!  It's only £3 on Bandcamp and the CD is £4.

"The new EP from the Kent Coast's most recognisable socially conscious power punk duo...out now on Berkshire's premier DIY punk label, Back From The Dead Records."

Johnny Yum Yum - guitars / Dan Atkinson - Drums
Both sing lead vocals and backing vocals.

additional backing vocals by Jim Jam, Kate Wintie, Liz Hayward, and Jim Kemp.