The Origins of the Riot Grrrl Ethos

Hell Hath No Fury Statement!

One of my favourite indie labels has just released this statement!  Loads of amazing music to have a listen to on Bandcamp so check them out.

It has been a stock take/Bandcamp tidy up day! Check out our current releases/distro below, please support us by grabbing a CD or two🖤

We have 1-2 releases left in 2020 whilst we recoup our HHNF pot so our roster is currently closed 
We also have recently streamlined our postage to make it more affordable 🖤

Pity Party - Concrete (CD Pre-Order)

The Sewer Cats - Zelda (CD+Download) 

DUCK - There Are No More Normal Conversations Anymore (CD+Download)

POISONOUS CXNT - Make Me a Sandwich (12" Vinyl)

Breakup Haircut - What did you Expect? I got it off the Internet! (CD+Download)

Solidarity NOT Silence Compilation Pt 1(CD+Download)

PERRA VIDA - Etorno Retorno (CD+Download)

Brazen Hussy - Not All Men (CD+Download)

Peach Club - Post Modern Siren (CD+Download)

CECILIA - Restaurando El Metal (CD+Download)

Hell Hath No Fury Compilation Vol.3 (CD+Download)

Swan Prince - Enjoy the Rain (CD+Download)

Basic B-tches - Relatable Content (CD+Download)

Riviera Kid - It's Not a Matter of A or B (CD+Download)