The Origins of the Riot Grrrl Ethos

Top Tracks: Girls Like Us - Hair

Today's top track comes from Girls Like Us, a London based band who cites their influences as being from the early 90s grunge movement and 'the noise your cat makes when she's on heat'

Their Facebook page tells us that they enjoy drinking and being general scumbags.  This track is low-fi and grungy.  It sounds a bit like a demo tape from the early 1990s and rocks on a dirty level.  It's kinda how you image that Babes in Toyland's first demo must've sounded like.  So far it's the only track that they've made available on Bandcamp and I'm looking forward to hearing more.  If it is your first release, Amelia Lauren and Greta.... then it's a bloody good start!  

They are:
Vocals - Amelia Skye
Guitar - Lauren Healey
Drums - Greta Adda