The Origins of the Riot Grrrl Ethos

Fight Like a Girl Profile

Who and what is FLAG? 

FLAG is a DIY booking project by Tarcy Mirinda, invented in February 2020 in Leipzig, Germany. She is the founder, guitarist, vocalist, and manager of the band The Heroine Whores. In her 11 years of experience, she got an impression of what it means to be a girl in a band. Motivated to support grrrl bands in online presence and booking, she started with 20 national and international bands from all over Europe, such as Germany, Belgium, France, and Austria as well as Brazilia.

What does FLAG want?

FLAG wants to increase the chance for bands with at least half of the members being female, to be booked and recognized by the public, venues as well as other musicians and bands. First of all, FLAG supports grrrl bands at social media platforms, later in 2020/2021 concrete booking actions will take place. Moreover, ideas like FLAG - Jam Sessions as well as a small DIY Festival in Leipzig shall be realized.

Which methods are & will be used? 

Sharing band links at social media platforms: yt, insta, fb, SoundCloud, twitter,... Setting up newsletters for a.) bands b.) venues c.) subscribers d.) zines & magazines Working together with magazines, zines, DIY radio stations, feminist collectives.... Booking shows for the bands in the catalogue, help to organize tours Organizing open grrrl jam sessions in Leipzig, as well as a DIY Festival later in 2020

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