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Gig Review: Baxter Duo - Live from their Kitchen!

These are certainly strange times indeed.  With all the bars, pubs and cafes closed, we're all left to make our own fun at home and we can't even invite our mates round for a beer.

Covid-19 has changed the way we are doing things and in our household, we're just trying to stay as positive as possible.  It's heartbreaking watching the news so on Friday, 27th March, just a week after lockdown had begun and whilst having a late afternoon beer in the kitchen, we tuned into The Baxter Duo's live from their kitchen set.

Hayley and Paul, who make up the two parts of the duo, are set up in their kitchen, acoustic guitar and Cajon visible along with a mighty, mighty spice rack!  They are playing a wide variety of covers, including Stuck in the Middle with You (or, as I changed it, Stuck in the Middle of Crewe!), Tenacious D's Greatest Song in the World and I Wanna Be Like You, from Jungle Book!

The set really lifted our spirits and we ended up dancing around the kitchen, getting far too well acquainted with our old friend Jack Daniels and singing along at the top of our voices - who needs the pub?

So enthralled were we by their performance, the following week, Friday 3rd April, we were poised around Facebook bang on 5pm waiting for their show to begin.  They didn't get going until nearly half past... Hayley had just finished her shift and was running a bit late.  But they came on and the time flew by.  A particular favourite (and what seems to be Hayley's party trick) is their version of The Barley Mow, which involves Hayley singing at one hundred miles per hour, whilst slugging on a lovely brew (supplied by one of the local pubs doing take-outs, Tom's Tap, for example) and she adds in some verses to salute and cheer the NHS staff and key workers out there, before completely necking what is left of the pint jug she's been swigging from.

Their performance brought people from all over the place; the comments, likes and love hearts were coming in thick and fast.  What most impressed me by their performance was their ability to 'connect' with an invisible audience.  They both have dynamic personalities and you warm to them instantly.  The bits of chatter in between are light-hearted banter, witty and entertaining.  After a few minutes, you forget that they're inside your computer screen and feel like you are right there with them in their kitchen.  The great news too is that they have said they're going to keep doing these live performances every Friday night during lockdown and Hayley is doing a solo set on Wednesday evenings too.  So, if you haven't already, like their Facebook pages and tune in.....
...... see you (via Facebook) in your kitchen!!!  Drop us a photo of you dancing along and any general silliness that ensues!!

Hugs.  Stay Safe and Stay at Home
Stephanie xxx